Car Accidents and Insurance Companies

Many of us have been there. You are driving on your merry way, perhaps to the grocery store, or out to eat with friends while in Lexington, Ky. You stop at a stoplight and then, out of nowhere, someone rear-ends you. Perhaps they are distracted with texting while driving, maybe they failed to hit the break in time, no matter the reason you are now hurt and your car is damaged Its a real pain in the neck, but unfortunately you are likely to experience more than just physical pain in this situation.  Enter the “insurance company”.

One of the many things that becomes a nightmare when trying to recover from a car accident is dealing with the insurance company, whether it is your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company.  You are questioned and recorded about the circumstances, likely making you feel like you are already on trial.  The insurance company may assesses some sort of fault to you, perhaps they say you braked too fast at the light for example, in order to cut down the amount of money they may have to pay you for your injuries and car damage.  Perhaps they throw out a figure and say “hey, if you sign this release we will give you this money”. The deal may seem too good to pass up, but is it?

You need an experienced attorney in Kentucky to assess the situation and help you negotiate a settlement that is favorable to you.  If the insurance company is begging you to take an offer, it may be because they know you are entitled to so much more than they are offering you.  Its important in Kentucky to speak with an attorney about your case.  There is much more at stake than getting your car fixed. You need to think about your medical bills, including those you may incur in the future due to the injuries you sustained in the accident.  You also need to think about the pain and suffering you have undergone, along with time off work, etc.

If you have been in an accident in Lexington, Nicholasville, Winchester, Richmond or the surrounding areas in Kentucky, don’t settle with the insurance company before speaking with an attorney.  You may be entitled to more compensation than they are offering you.