Do I Need A Living Will in Kentucky?

Many people put off making a Living Will.  Its not something that most people really want to think about.  We all hope that when the time comes for us to die we will go quickly, perhaps in our sleep. We hope that our loved ones won’t be forced to make decisions for us…..but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes we are put on the verge of death due to something that happens quickly, perhaps in a car accident or by sudden illness. If the time were to come, would you want to be on life support? Would you want to be kept hydrated or given nutrition and pain medication?  Even in cases where you are suffering a terminal illness, its important to have your wishes documented in a legal Living Will.

Your Living Will lets your doctors and family know your end of life wishes. It takes the stress of making those decisions out of the mix for your doctors and family.  Your Living Will will let your doctors know who you wish to make your final decisions. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that if the time comes when you cannot make your own medical decisions, your wishes will be honored.

If you do not have a Living Will don’t delay in making one. Put your affairs in order. Call us today. We serve Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles, Wilmore, Winchester, Georgetown and the surrounding areas.