Expungement:Getting Things Removed From your Record

Have you been convicted of a crime and its ruining your ability to get a job?  Perhaps you have faced charges for an alleged crime that was dismissed or that you were found not guilty of, but your arrest and court record keeps coming back to haunt you. There may be a solution, its called Expungement.

Expungement is available for certain crimes in KY under certain conditions.  When a conviction is expunged the records are sealed by a Court Order. Convictions involving minors or offenses of a sexual nature are not eligible for expungement in Kentucky.

Traffic Violations:

Traffic Violations can be expunged in KY.


You may file for an expungement if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor, if you have been found not guilty or if your case was dismissed.  If you already have a felony conviction, KY statutes will not allow for your misdemeanor to be expunged.


In general a felony conviction cannot  be expunged in Kentucky. However, there is a possibility of having it expunged  if it is a Class D felony for which pretrial diversion was completed or if it was dismissed with prejudice or if you were found not guilty.