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Car Accidents and Insurance Companies

Many of us have been there. You are driving on your merry way, perhaps to the grocery store, or out to eat with friends while in Lexington, Ky. You stop at a stoplight and then, out of nowhere, someone rear-ends

Drug Laws In KY: They Scoop

We are a few years into House Bill 463 which changed the way the Kentucky criminal justice system handles drug related crimes.  Its intent was to promote rehabilitation instead of incarceration and to reduce the cost burden on the state

Expungement:Getting Things Removed From your Record

Have you been convicted of a crime and its ruining your ability to get a job?  Perhaps you have faced charges for an alleged crime that was dismissed or that you were found not guilty of, but your arrest and

Do I Need A Living Will in Kentucky?

Many people put off making a Living Will.  Its not something that most people really want to think about.  We all hope that when the time comes for us to die we will go quickly, perhaps in our sleep. We